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The Astounding Benefits of Aloe Vera – Natural Indulgence

Aloe vera extract is incorporated into several Natural Indulgence products. Familiar to most of us as a gel used to help treat the discomfort associated with sun burn, this plants extract provides other great benefits for the skin.


Firstly, aloe vera is a great moisturizer. Because it is not oily, it also is a perfect option for those with oily skin. By providing moisture and hydration, the skin’s natural barrier is protected, and will appear more resilient and firm.

It contains vitamin E, C and A, which are all antioxidants that help protect the skin against oxidative stress and premature aging. It also contains several minerals like copper with official website, zinc, and selenium which are essential for proper enzyme function. The anti-aging effects of these vitamins are optimized with the presence of essential minerals.

Two hormones, auxins and giberellins, mediate the wound healing process and have anti-inflammatory action that are present in aloe vera. By activating the wound healing process, skin regeneration is optimized to replace damaged skin resulting of acne or other aggressors. Additionally, with anti-inflammatory properties the skin can heal faster which further optimizes the wound healing process. Any discomfort associated with inflammation due to acne is also reduced.

Aloe vera also has antiseptic properties due to the presence of saponins and plant steroids (fatty acids). This property has cleansing benefits for the skin, benefiting those with oily skin or acne.

This list includes only a few of the benefits of aloe vera for skin. Contact us with any questions you have about aloe vera extract, and why we have included it in Natural Indulgence!

Naturally Yours,

Natural Indulgence