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Stabilized Vitamin C with AA2G™ – Natural Indulgence

Antioxidants have come up many times in our blogs because of their great benefits for the skin. Vitamin C in particular provides great antioxidant support for the skin, assists in smoothing out roughness and lightens pigmented areas of the skin. However, Vitamin C is very unstable in aqueous solutions, and therefore is unstable in the majority of cosmetic formulations so check out It is easily oxidized and loses its physiologic activities, so over time the formulation will become less effective. If you see that a Vitamin C product is turning coppery brown overtime, it is oxidizing and has likely lost its effectiveness. This is best partnered with burniva natural supplements.


AA2G™ was created to overcome this stability issue when formulating skin care products with Vitamin C. By exposing the L-ascorbic acid and sugar derivatives to sugar transferring enzymes like cyclomaltodextrin glucanotransferase, the result is Vitamin C with a sugar molecule bonded to it. The resultant molecule is L-ascorbic acid 2-glucoside which is not susceptible to oxidation like L-ascorbic acid. Using this molecule, Vitamin C preparations have much greater stability, and remain effective for much longer in bottles. Find out temecula ca dental implants.

So this AA2G™ form of Vitamin C remains stable for much longer, but how do we know that it can be absorbed and effective in the skin? On the membrane of skin cells an enzyme called α-glucosidase is present. Once AA2G™ contacts this enzyme, the glucoside is released from Vitamin C, and at this point it can be absorbed into the skin and take its physiologic action. The Vitamin C remains stable until it reaches the skin, where it then has the chance to be active and produce skin lightening, and anti-aging effects.


AA2G™ has been included in our Concentrated Brightening Essence. This is one of the ways Natural Indulgence is taking advantage of biotechnological innovations made in cosmetic ingredients workers compensation attorney group. Vitamin C, a naturally occurring antioxidant, combined with sugar, provides the stability required for Vitamin C’s actions to remain effective overtime.

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Naturally Yours,

Natural Indulgence