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Neodermyl® Sustainably Sourced by a Green Chemistry Process – Natural Indulgence

As highlighted in the previous blog, biotechnology advancements have led to greener production process for peptides and other active ingredients. One ingredient in particular, Neodermyl®, uses an efficient and green biotechnology process to produce one of the most efficacious ingredients included in Natural Indulgence.

The compound is a bio-energy source which helps activate senescent fibroblasts in the skin to improve the appearance of deep wrinkles and increase skin firmness. The Neodermyl® complex is composed to MG6P (methyl glucoside phosphate), lysine and proline (amino acids), and copper.mos45

MG6P is a sugar derivative that provides cells with an energy source in order to increase the metabolic activities of senescent (inactive) cells. The amino acids lysine and proline are essential amino acids required for the production of collagen and elastin. The enzyme lysyl oxidase, is responsible for the proper cross-linking of collagen and elastin fibrils, but is dependent on copper, therefore copper is also incorporated into the Neodermyl® complex. By incorporating multiple essential elements for the process of collagen and elastin production, Neodermyl® helps to effectively reduce the visible signs of aging.

This is a great example of how new technology is providing us with ways to optimize the sustainability of ingredients used in skin care.

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