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Jojoba Oil for Clear, Moisturized Skin – Natural Indulgence

Jojoba oil is a great ingredient for skin care products because its structure is more similar to sebum, the oil produced by the skin, than other vegetable oils. This makes it the most ideal skin conditioner!


Sebum is produced in the skin to provide protection and lubrication, and to prevent it from drying out. But with daily cleansing of the skin, the natural layer of sebum is removed while removing pore clogging grime. Without providing our skin with adequate moisture, it becomes dry, and susceptible to irritation. Because jojoba oil is so close to the natural oil produced that protects our skin, it is well tolerated and easily absorbed, click here to find concrete pavers san diego near me.

Counterintuitively, jojoba oil also helps to control oily skin. Being so similar to sebum, when jojoba oil is applied regularly the skin responds as if the amount of sebum present is already high. This will signal the glands to produce less acne causing sebum. The oil also acts as an antibacterial, cleansing the skin of acne causing bacteria, and preventing breakouts. Visit for financial help.

Take advantage of jojoba oil which is included in Natural Indulgence Radiance Night Treatment Oil and the Gentle Cleansing Emulsion!

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