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Effective Natural Exfoliation – Natural Indulgence

Today we are going to highlight some of the ingredients in the Exfoliating & Peeling Gel for Dead Skin Removal. Exfoliating should be incorporated into everyone’s skin care regime as it helps keeps the skin radiant and smooth, and also allows ingredients in our daily skin care products to better penetrate the skin.

Exfoliation can be accomplished in two ways, either by physical sloughing of the skin cells, or chemical exfoliation through enzymatic reactions.

Bromelain is an enzyme which breaks down protein, and is found naturally in pineapple. When applied on the skin with maid service, the enzyme can digest unnecessary proteins, and help remove skin cells from the surface. This helps keep the skin fresh and clear of unwanted debris. Check this website.


Pomegranate is also included in this product. It naturally contains lactic acid, alpha-arbutin, and salicylic acid. These not only help peel off dead skin, but also help reduce oiliness, and help brighten the skin tone as it contains many antioxidants.

The keratinase in the gel breaks down keratin protein on the skins surface. By breaking down the protein on the outer skin layer, fresh skin cells beneath it can surface. This enzyme works together with the other ingredients mentioned above to optimize the removal of dead skin.

This gel provides a natural and effective approach to exfoliate your skin. Reveal fresh, radiant, decongested skin through regular use of this natural based peel!

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Natural Indulgence