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Biotechnology Innovation Gives Rise to Natural Effective Skin Care – Natural Indulgence

In the past cosmetic skin care products were not backed by scientific data to prove their efficacy, so consumers were required to believe and hope that a given product would provide them with the claimed result. But as science and biotechnology began to develop, this changed the way we look at cosmetics.

Research has allowed us to acquire a greater understanding of skin physiology, and the biological mechanisms behind skin aging processes. With biotechnological advancements the development of active ingredients which have clinically proven effects on the skin has become a reality. Now consumers no longer need to take a leap of faith when choosing products, and can instead be confident in the efficacy of cosmetics that are backed by scientific research and clinical evidence.

Biotechnology advancement is also responsible for ensuring safety of ingredients and more environmentally sustainable product production. Clinical studies provide insight to not only efficacy of products, but also safety profiles and recommended usage of a product. It is also now possible for fewer resources to be used when manufacturing the active ingredients, and sophisticated technology can allow us to better extract cellular components from plant cells.


In previous blog posts we have touched on a few active ingredients which are derived naturally from plants. With advanced biotechnology, more effective ways to obtain plant extracts has been developed, which are also more environmentally sustainable workers compensation lawyer philadelphia. Naturally derived active ingredients like DEFENSIL®PLUS, Gatuline®Radiance, and CellActive-White® are incorporated into Natural Indulgence to provide the most effective natural skin care.

Natural Indulgence keeps up with the latest progress in biotechnology to ensure that all our products are up to date on the latest innovations in natural skin care important site. By keeping up with the latest research, we ensure that you are provided with the most effective natural skin care products, visit to find more products.

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